Ury Ramirez

"Me-Mor-Y" is crafted to challenge ideas surrounding public and private spaces, the seen vs. the unseen. It is what I hope to be a de-and-re-construction of myself in artistic form. It is the engagement of performance and writing, both intertwined as ritual and as a healing practice. Below please find a slightly reworked explanation of the title and break down of Me-Mor-Y. 

Artist Statement

Me being self, my body, my space. 

Mor being the many discoveries, moments, experiences, the context that makes Me. 

Y being the motive; to learn about myself, the value of experiencing. The Y being the things that have led me to create differently. Creation being my son, my work, my evolving self.


Ury Ramirez, poet born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her BA at Hampshire College and is pursuing an MFA at Pratt Institute. She uses writing as a space for processing, learning, healing and intimacy. She normally reads and her works at open mics and showcases and aspires to have her very first collection of work published in the next two years. You can find her in her Brooklyn home, putting writing on the walls and reading poetry to her son, whose dream is to be a dinosaur when he grows up.

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