Gui Portel

"Para Mi Gente" (For my people)

"Para Mi Gente" (For my people) is a public poem in 3 parts installed on the roof of the Greensboro Project Space (GPS) and The Forge Greensboro. Part of GPS's existing #CityBillboardProject, the 3 individual couplets were visible for 2 weeks each to audiences of over +10,000 daily commuters (1/9/20-2/26/20). 


Gui Portel (they/them pronouns) is a queer, immigrant artist with over 4 years experience in arts organizing, event coordination, education, theatre production, and photography. Portel lives on ancestral lands of the Cheraw and the Occaneechi Band (present-day Greensboro, NC).
As a descendant of both Guaraní matriarchs and Spanish colonizers, they often think about visualizing the amplification of marginalized narratives, collective deviation within social constructs, disruption of art presentation, and "new" recipes.

INSTAGRAM: @guiportel

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