Elena M. Aponte


Elena M. Aponte is convinced her Puerto Rican/Irish heritage is responsible for her love of all things witty and gritty. Her creative work has appeared in Barrelhouse, Jellyfish Review, Cheap Pop, and Matchbook Lit. Her non-fiction has appeared with Anime Feminist and Women Write About Comics. She is also the editor of Boricua en la Luna: An Anthology of Puerto Rican Voices, due in mid-2019. Check it out on Twitter @BoricuaEn.

silhouette of a man

Orale, it’s always money.

Tell me your name

Por favor dejeme ir

Debemos ser unidos


Oh? White on the inside.

Do something for your people


Come here.


Deport me

Come on,

I’m living shit jobs


Tell me,

Who’s picking toxic grapes?

Eat them.


We were here first

Your country has all our names


Let me go.


Send me back.


Who’s to pick your salads?

Who’s to make your guacamole?


Keep back

(thrusts hips)

So scary


A second language

The horror!


We deport you.

You clean out our toilets.

Use rubber gloves.


An Erasure of Leguizamo, John. Mambo Mouth: A Savage Comedy. New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1993.

From "Pepe" pg. 74—79.

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