Christina Perez

Christina Perez April 2014

Red Light


Most people didn’t speak about why they liked

what I did to them

 they just paid me

he talked, I listened


Christina Perez is a writer, performer, and educator based in northern California. As a spoken word artist, Christina Perez has performed her writing at shows all over the country and throughout California, most recently featuring for the Lunada Literary Lounge at Galeria de la Raza, and was one of the headliners for the Latino Poetry and Spoken Word Festival ¿Dónde Está Mi Gente? in San Francisco. She is an organizer and a host of several literary events, and teaches workshops for at risk youth in Mendocino County, sponsored in part by The Youth Project and the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference.  She is a Poetry Out Loud Teacher for Santa Rosa, Elsie Allen, and Rancho Cotati High Schools in Sonoma County, CA. Christina Perez is the Director and host of SLAMAZON, a monthly open mic and poetry slam for female identifying competitors and can be reached at

to the story that stained my head

as I tied him to the bed post

wrapped his silk tie around testicles, tight

together, we shared some nightmare 

sprinkled with burnt childhood

 he told me he was just 11

on the ranch

in the barn his aunt gave him a lesson

she had that bull tied, trapped

shoved a pitchfork into his balls just, to hear it bellow

she needed to hurt something, big, male and strong


he’s grown now, needs to be tortured in order to ejaculate

we both know in this moment

 love is the discipline of a strong woman




We work the red light district

The devil and HEAVEN know our names

 our prostitute bodies defiled desecrated land

so who gives a SHIT if we charge anybody we want, to plow it

 they talk about their families, their wives

show us their pictures

A man… is as faithful as his options

 it’s just a straightforward transaction, money for sex

 it’s not really like cheating they tell us

thinking too hard might ruin their pleasure

I don’t care, just give me my money



I turned on the red light

for those other women

their men so fat, I could barely find their dicks

 a man with muscular sclerosis who had to pay for his enjoyment

cause he couldn’t get his own

a paraplegic man in a wheelchair

 who wanted to be dressed as a woman

have his make-up done

 have his lower body abused

cause just maybe     this time      he might feel something



 I lied, told myself it was the money that turned me out

 really it’s the you

are nothing, worth nothing,

fit for nothing but ripping n running

 a husk of a body

 caging a barely anchored soul

cause it hurts too much to be totally here

without the help of a mind altering

Thank You GOD substance that turned

 me out



I always had my trick radar tuned trigger fine

 when it went off, I never got too greedy

 knew the hard way what a bad call could cost me

didn’t go that night

didn’t end up like home girl

shoved under the mattress

at The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

housekeeping found her 3 days later

 the man that murdered her

 said she begged for her life

called for her Mommie



Nobody but the guy at the morgue and me,

wonder what the hell happened

to that perfect little baby born 16 years earlier


Ahhh, who cares about a murdered prostitute, anyway


if she hadn’t been doing it, she wouldn’t  have been killed… right?

Rains of judgment

can drown the victim right OUTTA anybody

NO umbrella in sight

she, with her final exhale



for rescue

La Llorona

They call me La llorona

shrieking     for my murdered children

crying           after my lost bigamist husband


if I can’t find them, I come for YOU at bed time

every Mexican child knows:

I pull them by the hair, (drag) them (to) the river

what happens there, stays there, ese



 I am no ordinary, shambling monster




Chale, I merengue through (the arms) of guardian angels

Like revenge   I.   don’t.  lose.


 Tears have rusted down my cast iron face

everything anemic now

my blood long ago soaked the RIVER

my own cousin. 

It’s mouth

so choked up with matacitas

 it took a gamble

bet everything to jump free of it’s banks

 pawn shop hocked the water spirit which regularly

 saved my drowning bebitos BEHIND my back


Pues, I got nojada angry, threw down a coraje

these hands that changed diapers

change the weather, slapping ships

whipping oceans till they cry mercy

I’m All Chingona, roaring through ridges of trees

 their groaning, heavy roots holding

with all crossed-finger-twigged-strength

that night.  to the dirt.

feeling it spin away, turning into muddy water


Nobody saw it happen, the mighty oak

he just slipped sideways, ese

 branches backlit with white owls

his majestic trunk hit the rail car

containing a simple Mal Hombre cheat of  a Husband


You.  See train wrecked bodies everywhere

You.  Hear ambulance sirens singing

on their way to take him to safety

You.  See the female EMT

asking “how many fingers do you see, Senor”?


Gods only witness, that lonely fallen tree

Saw.  Mermaid sirens thrashing dirty water

La Sirena encantada-singing a man to his death

cut the wedding ring from his finger

when they were not looking

cause I’m the jealous kind

 he told me he was not married


The apocalypse Goddess

 I have landed on his chest

“Senor,  how many fingers”? 

 his relieved face filled with love

 saying take me, hold me, I’m so cold,

I lean in…

suck his last breath