Branden Boynton


A son of the West Coast, Branden Boynton holds an MFA from San Diego State University, where he served as submissions manager for Poetry International. Branden is fascinated by simulated realities and writes to find a home for the ocean, stars, and lost mining towns. His work has appeared in Silver Needle PressThe Wild Word, and Homology, among others. You can follow him on instagram @SupernovaDaydream.


Something oscillates

                           between vuh
                                    and buh.

                                    (but it's Valdez
                                             not baldez –
                                                      or an ocean away
                                                      is it buhdez)

                                    not quite the space
                           between n
                  and ñ.




         a slight change
                  in pursing
                           of lips


                                             the difference
                                                      between a valley
                                                      and a canyon-way


                                             between veh and doble veh
                                             when veh
                           is merely double veh
                  tipped over,
out the side.    

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