June 2010


In this issue, The Acentos Review presents the work of amazing, foundational voices.  We are honored to have been trusted with such remarkable work particularly in this period of changes.  Our beloved editor, Eliel Lucero, has left The Acentos Review to devote himself to his work at the Bowery Poetry Cafe in New York City.  Rich Villar will step into his place as editor with the next issue.  Both must also be congratulated on their nuptials:  Eliel was married to Alexandria in October 2009.  Rich was married to Tara Betts this very month, June 2010.  It is a delight to write these congratulations and to share my own good news of recently graduating from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill with my doctorate in education.  The Acentos Review welcomes you into this second anniversary issue as an extension of the Acentos family.  Enjoy!  


Andrea Ramirez