Alexandra Cespedes


Artist:  Alexandra Cespedes

Title:  Man and His Violin

Visual artist and photographer Alexandra Cespedes is of Nicaraguan and Dominican decent. Raised in the Bronx and Washington Heights, she writes, “I am stimulated every second of everyday. My creativity is a reflection of my culture, my neighborhood, my friends, and loves. The city is constantly inspiring me to keep capturing its movements, lights, sites and sounds. Being an artist allows me to stay true to myself, while keeping my art alive.”  Her exposure to Spanish culture was always all around her.  

On the birth of her inspiration, she writes, “One of my very first exposure or experience to art was when I was seven years old and I was visiting Nicaragua. My mother and I were at the local market in Masaya, where you can get everything from food to artifacts and paintings, and there I saw the most gorgeous painting of a landscape. Instantly I was inspired and begged my mother to buy me some oil paints and canvas, so that very same day I went home and began to paint.”