Message from the Acentos Foundation   


We gathered, a group of eight poets connected with the Acentos Bronx Poetry Showcase, at its Tuesday night home at the Bruckner Bar in the Bronx.  The time, we felt, was right to augment the reading series with other projects to promote Latin@s in poetry.

It was on our plates, along with some decent bar food: a journal for Latin@ poetry with our name on it.  The idea had been floated long ago, and it sounded very pretty and very useful, so much so that I doubted we could do it immediately.  Down the road, I suggested.

One member of the gathering, the poet Eliel Lucero, suggested otherwise.  An online journal, something relatively easy, something regular, could be done right now.  How tantalizing, this prospect of not having to wait.  Like say, not having to wait for the government to put a big 501(c)(3) stamp on your forehead.

Meanwhile, the whirlwind poet and educator Raina Leon went ahead with plans to assemble the journal's website.  Shortly after Acentos' AWP panel in January (where she presented an ambitious publication schedule and submission guidelines) she presented me a mockup of the site.  I must admit this:  I squealed.  It was that gorgeous.  Just like that, this thing was off and running.  Down the road was suddenly upon us.

So it is that these two poets ended up collaborating on this first project of the Acentos Foundation, the Acentos Review.  To put it mildly, Ms. Leon and Mr. Lucero have worked immensely hard to build it.  And the seven poets represented here compose a mosaic of Latino and Latina writers from different areas of the country, different approaches to poetry, in different stages of their careers.  We are proud of this first issue, and we are honored by this group and the amazing work they have produced.

I would like to extend a word of personal thanks to Raina and Eliel for the vision and drive to bring this journal to fruition, and for the work that is yet to come.  My gratitude is unending.

Speaking of the yet to come.  Down the road is upon us again.  The submission guidelines are online.  Send away, gente.  As our dear friend Martín Espada is apt to say:  Aquí estamos, y no nos vamos.


Rich Villar.

Executive Director

The Acentos Foundation