Lisandra Pérez

Manic Episode on a Spirit Airline Flight


Lisandra Pérez (they/she) is a Mexican-immigrant queer poet living in Marquette, MI where they read for Passages North. Their work has been published in Heavy Feather Review, The Quaker & elsewhere. In the Upper Peninsula, they are working alongside other artists and writers to create Pato Poesía, a small arts collective. Lisandra is interested in dismantling systems of oppression through writing. They wear crocs often and enjoy the pastime of vacuuming. Find them on twitter @perezlisandra_.


Baby cooing          mom crying          gentlemen asking

                    about two whiskeys for me

          We remind you

mom is screaming         baby is sleeping          my tumor

          replaced my migraine- my           breast          this is a non-smoking flight

Howdy says the wing                  Howdy says I

                                                                                I am thirty-two thousand

feet above ground           I am mama            I am baby              Gentlemen I am

          next to the emergency exit Twenty-two minutes             Can I jump


They don’t            laugh           Wake up      change my diaper

                                        Neither do I

Light flurries in Chicago                They dropped and

                                                                                I counted             








How to be Happy


Consider this: buy a straw hat (maybe two), toss a bag over your shoulder,
and walk west where dusk settles on mountains that become line drawings.
Move to Montana where sweat beams multiply as hands massage tomato
seeds into the dirt. Gently push the hair from your face. Consider 

a ponytail and walk west where dusk settles between mountainous spaces.
Charm the horses with your mundane banter and sing! Out of tune. Knee
deep in dirt, gently push the hair from your face. Consider a change
and step out of your boots; you’re home. Open your own sweet tea shop. 

Name it Yours and charm the horses with stories of Chicago. Knead
bread for the first time and read El Alquimista. Accept that happiness
comes in moments. Step into your boots; start again! Walk to Yours before
day breaks. Appreciate the crickets’ new song. Consider seeing them live. 

Let momma know you’re not coming back unless west winds stop soothing
you. Walk to Montana where sweat beams glide onto the tomatoes. Name
all the strays and let the horses charm you. Learn that happiness is the consideration
of a straw hat (maybe two), a bag over your shoulder, and Montana in the distance.







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