Aleyda Marisol Cervantes

Water Body


Aleyda Marisol Cervantes, or  Mari for her familia, is a self-identified third-world woman, who grew up in a small town in Mexico.  She attended Fairhaven College with major titled “Solidarity Across borders: Understanding Experiences and Imagining New Realities through Storytelling” and a minor in education and social justice. She is TEDx presenter. Her work appears in PALABRITAS, Gendering  Globalization, Globalizing Gender:  Postcolonial Perspectives & the upcoming anthology We Need a Reckoning. .

Instagram: @raices_press

The white woman at the pharmacy said she couldn’t understand me. Speak louder 
through my mask and repeated my words again and again. I can’t understand you she 
Then all of sudden I’m eighteen years old at an immigration appointment trying to tell 
a sad story that wasn’t really sad; Then, I’m twenty three years old at my first job 
interview feeling all the wrong answers come out of my mouth wishing I was smart; 
then I am sixteen years old in a white classroom with sweaty hands praying I didn’t 
have to read next, watching my peers with a “you are not from here” all over their 
face; then I’m twenty five years old getting yelled at by a grown men in the middle of 
an office; then I am my uncle getting pull over by border patrol; then I am my mother 
crying in the car after getting fired from her job.
Then I am myself in this skin,
hiding under wandering tongues,
earthquake felt accents
shaking me from inside,
reminding everyone
this body is an ocean
and this language is made of water

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