Julián David Bañuelos


Julián David Bañuelos is a Mexican-American poet and translator from West, Tx. His work can be read in Wine Cellar Press and Latino Book Review.


this alma of mine
es de música
que rebotaban
por bosques extranjeros
y adentro
hay notas musicales
dried in the dirt—


Prescribed burn, early Spring

for Francisco “Paco” Perez

when He is near let’s meet on Kewanee

Avenue. Let us fill blue skies with smoke

—Let us teeter the taut clothesline once more—

Our mouths will burn alongside the runners.

Hinterlands scorched by the smoking embers

We laid upon it.

                           I had been waiting,

Cremating evidences existence

Beneath the greater darkness of autumn


Into early spring where I need no tongue

Only eyes, only teeth, only anger

Enduring and insentient. Springtime

Sickness in the air. The warmth of flames.

A light whose only choice is to burn bright

Through night and day filling the Hub City.


“What else besides Buddy Holly?”

for Reginald Dwayne Betts

the Hub City feels   like:             night
         torn roofer palms
                           held up 5 o’ clock
         narcan nasal spray
wakes Buddy Holly fanatics
         & rattlesnakes rattle
tattle tales
         tall as mulberry trees
gravel the knee
         until a view
is just that
         a view in the rear—
a viewing
         a mirror can only give
         bolls of cotton
become dirt
         where the keys lay
under door mats
         where the winds
swing open screen doors
         on lay of the land
a whole lot 

of nothing    or something         reined in
by the outstretched arms
         of bodies
         ready to wake.



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