Michael Berton

Michael Berton


Michael Berton is a native of El Paso, TX and its 60 mile radius. He has published in a variety of magazines, journals and reviews such as The Cracked Mirror, Otoliths, Indefinite Space, And/Or, Pacific Review, Sin Fronteras Journal, Yellow Medicine Review, Fireweed, REM Magazine, and Hinchas de Poesía. He is the author of a collection of poems, Man! You Script The Mic. (New Mitote Press).

He lives in Portland, OR and can be reached at tzintzuntzan000@gmail.com

Standing Tall In One Hundred Degree Heat


Francisco the yardman

for my grandfather


waddles along Cliff street

checking front yards


for obnoxious weed growth

and tall grass violations.


Earthworn tools

in burnished hands


homeboy viejo

high noon shadow


hunched gentlemanly

as blades separate and snip.


A servant to the toil

the sun’s wrath chisled


facial sketches

a mask of landscapes


sweating with pride

hydrating the skin


the soul smiles

the body straightens.

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