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“Sepia Toned Summer”- This photo was taken on a summer day in July. I was wandering through Central Park with my family and we stopped at the lake. There were many people canoeing, fishing and just enjoying the summer weather. I decided to take a picture of a couple laughing and enjoying themselves. I felt that in order to make an interesting photo I needed to capture the moment, but only part of it. I found the stone design that surrounds the couple striking because it provided a boundary to the couple’s joy, and it left some mystery to the photo. Additionally, I decided to make the photo sepia because it provided more of a rustic feel to the photo and its surroundings.  

“Lone Biker”- This photo was also taken in Central Park. I was walking down the bike lane, and I saw this biker speeding as fast as she could around the lane. After she sped down the lane, she slowed down and just went along for the ride. I wanted to capture a sense of loneliness, and despite that loneliness, the biker was still able to enjoy herself. I decided to make the photo black and white, because it just fit the summer mood, which was calming and sweet.  



Currently a junior in high school, she was born and is currently being raised in the Bronx.  She loves taking pictures, making music and being creative.  She is almost always seen with either a camera or a note pad.  She is almost always finding something inspirational.  She enjoys fencing and reading.  Some of her favorite authors include Toni Morrison and George Orwell.  She has hopes of making an impact and a difference in the world someday. 


Sepia Toned Summer by Oleander Furman

Lone Rider