Ruby Nambo


Ruby Nambo is a Mexican-American poet and currently a senior at Central Washington University. Currently, she is earning her Bachelor’s in English Language Arts Teaching with a minor in Bilingual Education. Within the last three years, her work has been featured in Manastash Literary Journal, Washington's Best Emerging Poets, America’s Best Emerging Poets, Wolff Literary Magazine, Adelaide Literary Magazine and many more. For more, please check out:

Conflict Communication

“Hola! Como estas?”
I began to drop my jaw to the ground,
yet it was not even lunch.
It seems foreign to hear someone
Speak the same language as me in class.
My buddies dropped their pencils
Because she spoke our language.
A few seats ahead,
Three girls heard and scream.

“You can understand us?” I asked.
“Si, entiendo todo.” She smiled.
My mind was struck!
It was not a bad thing
That she understood us.
Honestly, it was beautiful.
My teacher doesn’t understand this language,
Nor the tall teaching assistant—
which we all think he’s full of swag—
but this lady strikes us all. 

We all dread with fear,
At each other and her.
What was she going to say next?
It wasn’t every day that you hear an adult,
Other than your parents,
To have the same tongue as you.
We all felt some discomfort
Because in the classroom,
we all use English to speak
and our side talks in Spanish.
Instead, she smiled at us.
“Keep on speaking Spanish
So you don’t forget.”

©The Acentos Review 2020