Kyle Lopez


Kyle Lopez is an American poet of Afro-Cuban descent living in Ridgewood, Queens. He is a TuCuba Fellow with the CubaOne Foundation and an MFA candidate in poetry at New York University, where he is also a Goldwater Fellow. Kyle serves as Poetry Editor of EFNIKS, a media space for queer and trans people of color. Recent poems appear in The Florida Review, The Boiler, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Cosmonauts Avenue, Luna Luna Magazine, and elsewhere.

Social media handles: @kylelop3z on both Twitter and Instagram 

Black capitalist wet dream

after Juliana Huxtable


           Jackson and I awaken in bed drained             ached from endless day

of drinking and dancing in sunny brooklyn             

           rhodiola tincture starts the mornting              natural coconut oil wash showers        

           talk Afropunk as we dress                how it used to be free       who can’t go

           then we go            lyft ride to quick thai for lunch            crabmeat fried rice

           shrimp pad thai with egg bean sprout scallion and crusted peanut 

chicken dumplings                    fresh lychee juice             bit heavy on the meat 

buuut bestie’s here from nashville              we clean each plate     

           walk to day two bloated in cute clothes          yesterday we stormed the pro-

Black fest with the all-Black lineup in our best Black dress            denim shortalls     

           pink triangles patterned on hand-batik cotton           lacy white wedges           

           forty inch Beyoncé braid            shades to match both fits          

           strangers snapped unprompted pics                       

           we sipped frozen piña colada and orange mango and cranberry lime smoothies 

           ate empanadas de carne y picadillo                

           everything we bought we bought Black          as we shopped               

my cousins in cuba          with our same skin          

checked hungry medicine drawers                

           dashikied embargo hittin’ the Shoot to our left         right by Obama tanks

showin’ off those guns             

           as we bopped             we passed a white man in the crowd 

rockin’ a tee that read BLACK EXCELLENCE               and we damn near all boogied

right past the rent control table

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