Jose Oseguera

toile étoile 


Jose Oseguera is an LA-based writer of poetry, short fiction and literary nonfiction. Having grown up in a diverse urban environment, Jose has always been interested in the people and places around him, and the stories that each of these has to share; those that often go untold. 

His writing has been featured in Meat for Tea, Sky Island Journal, Jelly Bucket, The Inquisitive Eater, and The Main Street Rag. His work has also been nominated for the 'Best of the Net' award and the 'Pushcart Prize.' 

Tell me again,
The thought you thought
I thought of you.

How we would’ve been happier
If we hadn’t met each other;
If you hadn’t looked at me

The way you did,
And I’d not replied with my eyes
Looking away before you did.

Had I stared for longer
Would it have made you turn away first?
I would’ve won that exchange,

Feeling like you weren’t strong enough
To be worth pursuing.
But you didn’t and neither did I.

It’s not the fall that breaks glass,
But the weight of its contents
Crashing down against gravity and hard floor.

Had we been honest
About the future or lack of it—
People tend to be the nicest

Right before they disappoint you—
The first couple of bounces
After the drop would’ve hurt

But not as much as how
We ignored their vibrations—
Growing ripe as fruit:

The fissures were invisible,
As clear as seeing life
Through spiderwebs.

It doesn’t matter how fast
Things get, people are slow—
Soaking in the ghost

Of what we never were—
As the cracking we could
No longer cringe away.

Falling for each other
Didn’t break us:
It was all the shit

We put in whatever
We decided to call
Whatever it was we had

That destroyed
Whatever it was
We could’ve been.    

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