German Dario


German Dario resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife, two sons, two dogs and sometimes a fish. He lives his life as a poet masquerading as an engineer. At war with this puzzle called life, he builds, time erodes but poetry is life giving.  Recently published in the Blue Collar Review, The Friday Influence, Right Hand Pointing, The New Verse News, and The American Journal of Poetry.

venerable loss

what is war anyhow

the aging couple
dines out
always asks
            table for four                  please 

not for arthritis
kids bedrooms
never converted
to office or crafts room 

flagged triangles hang
on living room walls
occasionally visited
by a fly or a moth
apathy gathers dust 

dreams of grandchildren
long faded
thin smoke 

metal at attention
medals not worn 

leaves turn colors
just the same
anywhere in the world


when you have wings
you carry borders
in your pockets
          little marbles
I call frontera
with its cielo
and sangre
with its doves
and always
          blood red swirls 

limbs in limbo
eyes fixed on horizon
sails taut
with the winds resolve 

ancestors left
crumb ruins 

some left
campbell's soup cans 

mine leave
bones of loved ones
and shreds of clothes
caught on the creosote


the sky
          bearing it's children
while the ground
          collects it's dead    

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