Rocio Franco


Rocio Franco is an emerging Latinx poet and activist from Chicago, IL. She is a 2020 Frost Conference on Poetry Alum. She works as a health insurance counselor at a non-profit union health fund. She loves exploring the city with her husband and daughter on the weekends, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and approaches the world with a social justice lens. 

Instagram:  chio_la_chingona

La Lucha Es Constante 

Nos cansamos de llorar 
pero no de luchar.

El sistema nos quiere rendir
pero no podemos fingir 

que la justicia es algo fácil.
El pueblo sigue para adelante. 

Aunque nos cansemos de llorar,
pero nunca de luchar.


A Saturday Afternoon in Our Urban Landscape 

                                        i am 
in a small backyard 
made of concrete &    soil 
with the first people
that showed me        

más agua que sangre       it’s steamy outside       over 90 degrees       & the sun is bearing
down on us       mi cuñado grills chorizo       on an old rusty garbage can      with a steel grate on top     
my nieces & nephews jump      in & out of old tires      a jumble of giggles      the youngest    
picks a stick      to draw some abstraction      in the dirt      while the adults sit      on milk crates
& rusty chairs      we are here      for no particular reason      other than to celebrate the weekend    
& the simplicity that poverty brings      there is not much to marvel      in this humble landscape      
but we are tribe      each having survived      our own personal slaughters

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