Carina del Valle Schorske



Carina del Valle Schorske is a poet, translator, editor, and essayist perpetually en route to New York City. She was the MacDowell Colony's 2013-2014 Isabella Gardner Fellow in poetry and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Boston Review, The Awl, and No Tokens Journal. She is a doctoral candidate in the department of Comparative Literature & Society at Columbia University where she studies psychoanalysis and race. Find her @fluentmundo on Twitter or in her one true home on Facebook. 

Self-Portrait As Bathsheba

Black window. Blur the world
with my reflection. Tell me.

In what still pool will the moon
return to the earth that made it?
Am I the answer to a question like that?
If I bathe on the roof in spring
with my senses low, lukewarm,
thinning the blade between things,
if I waver in the not yet dark, let slip
a line of melody, human word in wet air
high up, water one thing, being wet another
who will stay to see the awkward stagger,
the mottled white not rise but lurch and haunch,
my weight returning now, dreamer’s souvenir—
venir, black window, venir—?


© The Acentos Review 2014