The Acentos Review

Chris Sanchez is a Mexican-American poet finishing his undergraduate degree in poetry at ASU. Co-Founder of Hermitag/e ( //, he aims to produce the art-project alongside other poets, musicians, photographers, painters, printers, etc. Although this is his first online publication, he has collaborated on poetry chapbooks such as Long Shadows, Raum & DEET, all available through Hermitag/e. Sanchez resides in a white-red house in Tempe, Arizona, with his girlfriend & four cats.
3 Poems by Chris Sanchez
Sunday Mail

I owe you letters
none of which
are asking how
things went
or if____said I
love you remember
the rain fall
that Thursday
over a year ago how
it formed a river
at the intersection,
us walking through
a night's
that didn't happen
like that no
that didn't happen
the Vietnamese place
served a soup you like
what is this
if not an exercise
of memory Estoy
sin el sabor de tu boca,
reluctant to taste
the soup which
you are having
while dark ink
showers the road
and will not dry


Роза, Роза, Роза…
Write my name thrice in Russian —

Rosa, al atravesar la mar
Plateada, exhalada por los dos —

Sobre mi cama,
We lay absorbing the Perseids born
From olivine and Andromeda.
How great the taste of flesh is!

Rind whitewashed orange trees,
Climax licking the lime. Rose, you dress
For acceptance in sunshine, minding

the weather —
Today, clouds veil east at noon,
Follow your sway to a closed room.

The weather.
Falling from your tongue.


i shudder & climb down her death
sleep next to grapefruit art — she
dreams above a crystal sheet
our bodies wet desire wet city
tent city bone. mist of cellophane
walking boys cauliflower like testicles
& grenades hold no purple we are
silent blowing 10 winds
no 20 winds under
France — your skirt pristine & old
secret two shades of blue too red
to scream blue is blue & rust
shelves seasons with decay