The Acentos Review

Editorial vision statement

As The Acentos Review’s assistant editor, my mission is to be a matchmaker of sorts. I help to set the table for readers and writers and, hopefully, encourage connections. I work towards feeding the reader’s curiosity and supporting the writer’s work. Knowing that these are two solitary worlds, essentially at opposite ends of a literary spectrum, I take my small role in this work seriously. Readers and writers need each other. Not every writer’s voice gets a spotlight. It takes places like The Acentos Review to make that room, to set that table. Our voices, as Latino/Latina poets, are especially necessary today. We have a place at the table.

When reading poetry submissions, I look for strong lines that leave full pictures in the head. I look for writers who reach into their daydreams, pockets, and hearts and snap them onto the page. I look for words that know what they’re up to, whose bones are there.

It is an honor to read poets’ work, and to have a hand in helping bring it to a word-thirsty world.


Venessa Fuentes writes poems. She holds an undergraduate degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. She is a SASE/Jerome Award recipient, and her poems appear in Between the Heart and the Land/Entre el Corazón y la Tierra: Latina Poets in the Midwest (March/ABRAZO Press, 2001) and The Wind Shifts: New Latino Poetry (University of Arizona Press, 2007). She has roots in Bolivia and lives in Minneapolis with her son, her partner, and their dog.