Ramon Gutierrez



I was born in a really small town in Puebla, Mexico.  I have been living in New York City since I was two years old but my family's Mexican roots have shaped my art. Not only is there a dichotomy between the actual land masses of Mexico and the United States but also between the images I photograph when thinking about each country. When thinking of Mexico, I try to find my culture and my homeland by painting it. Mexico and all of Latin America represent a destination I hardly know physically but know so well in my imagination. I am intrigued by how the Pre-Colombian history mixes with modern society and how it affects the Latin American culture present day. Not only am I influenced by my Mexican roots but by the fast paced living of New York City. The city that never sleeps leaves ever lasting footprints in my core, and it translates into my work. Whether it be something in the subway, a language I don't understand, or a person that looks interesting, my mind is constantly bombarded by ideas. My goal as a painter is to blend all that I love about Mexico and Latin America with the New York state of mind that is all around me.  Through that, I find my niche.

August 2010