The Acentos Review

Mission Statement

The Acentos Review shoots from the spring that is the Acentos Bronx Poetry Showcase and The Acentos Foundation in supporting the work of LatinX writers.

The Acentos Review publishes poetry, fiction, memoir, interviews, translations, and artwork by emerging and established LatinX writers and artists four times a year.  The LatinX community is international and so, too, do we pledge to represent that international community.  We welcome submissions in English, Spanish, Portuguese, a combination of two languages, as well as the use of indigenous languages.   

The debate may rage forever as to who or what constitutes Latin@ art. Here, there is no such identity crisis. We are already here, writing the histories of our neighborhoods, following the traditions of our ancestors, as well as the poetic traditions that came before us. To paraphrase Baldwin, the poet's task as historian is to keep the story new, even when the telling is costly. This is the aesthetic we foster at Acentos. It is always about the word, the work, and it all begins here.

Previous Editors:

Eliel Lucero (co-founder, June 2008 - January 2010)

Rich Villar (June 2010 - May 2011)

Previous Associate Editor:

Venessa Fuentes (February 2011 - November 2015)

Guest Editors:

Bonafide Rojas (August 2012 issue:  Music)

Fish Vargas (November 2012 issue:  Youth )